TCI Constant Pressure Valve Body 1987-92 GM 700R4 Transmission 376020 Chevy

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Latest TCI® Constant Pressure Valve Body for GM 1987-92 700R4 eliminates low line pressure condition and ensures perfect transmission operation

Part # 376020

Guarantee proper performance with your 1987-92 GM 700R4 automatic transmission by installing a new TCI Constant Pressure Valve Body. Many street performance enthusiasts incorrectly install the critical TV cable that is used to set internal line pressure and part throttle shifting by either leaving it disconnected or improperly adjusted. The result – less then optimum line pressure that results in clutch and band slippage and ultimately, transmission failure.

Until recently, the TV cable adjustment on GM 700R4 transmissions often required an experienced mechanic. Compatible with stock and aftermarket transmissions, installation of the TCI 700R4 Constant Pressure Valve Body avoids common transmission destruction by maintaining adequate line pressure at all times. While the TV cable still needs connection for proper transmission operation, the TCI 700R4 Constant Pressure Valve Body™ provides more liberty when setting part throttle shift points and works with a variety of cable brackets and carburetor applications.