Melling Mell-Lube Engine Assembly Lube 4oz Bottle M-10012 Camshaft Installation

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Part Number:M-10012
Melling "MELL-LUBE" Assembly Lubricant - (1) 4 Oz. Bottle

Part # M-10012

Melling engine assembly lube is formulated to be an initial lubricant on camshafts metal surfaces as well as related valve trail parts. The added zinc (1400ppm) provides added protection to prevent scoring and/or galling during initial engine start up for newly rebuilt engines. In addition it contains corrosion inhibitors to prevent rust and pitting of components.

Mell-Lube mixes with any engine oil and will not clog filters

Melling recommends Mell-Lube be a part of every camshaft install along with newly built engines!

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