Manley LS Pro Series Crankshaft 4.000" Stroke 58x Reluctor 4340 Forged 190058

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Manley Performance LS Pro-Series Crankshaft

Part # 190058

  • 4.000" Stroke
  • 6.125" Min. Rod Length
  • 2.559" Main Journal
  • 2.100" Rod Journal
  • 1755 bob Weight (grams)
  • 50-52 lbs Total Weight
  • 58 Tooth Reluctor Wheel

Manley Performance is proud to introduce our new line of "PRO SERIES" crankshafts specifically designed for the CHEVROLET LS market

The perfect compliment to our existing product range of LS pistons and connecting rods. Why shop anywhere else when you can bullet-proof your LS engine’s bottom-end with quality Manley components?
  • Lightweight (LW) design
  • 4340 material forgings
  • Multi-step heat treatment process and Nitrided for added strength
  • Stress relieved, shot-peened, and magnafluxed
  • Micro polished large radius journals (narrowed bearings required)
  • 58 tooth reluctor wheel
  • Gun drilled mains and lightened rod journals for weight reduction
  • Counterweights fully profiled
  • Note: Manley crankshafts are not intended for use with highly boosted roots style cog belt superchargers