LUNATI 72437 High RPM Hydraulic Roller Lifters w/ Link Bar LS1 LS6 Retro Fit GM

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Part Number:72437-16
Lunati HIGH RPM Hydraulic Roller Lifters (Retro-Fit)

Lunati High RPM Hyd. Roller lifters are designed for extreme street and all out racing applications. Offering increased durability and reliability, these lifters are specifically developed to handle applications over 6500+ RPM

Part # 72437-1 (Previous # 72437LUN)

  • Application: GM LS1/LS6 (Retro-Fit)
  • Diameter: .842"
  • Weight: 319g
  • Seat Height: 2.78"
  • Quantity: 16
  • **Weights are for pairs including link bar

**Picture may be general

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