High Performance Timing Set Replacement Torrington Bearing S. A. Gear 7800T

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Replacement Torrington Bearing Fotr high Performance Timing Sets
S.A. GEAR Part Number 7800T
Fits Timing Sets For Small Block Chevy , Big Block Chevy Big Block Chrysler
That Originally Came With Torrington Thrust Bearing
Such As :
Cloyes for Small Block Chevy 9-3100A 9-3100B 9-3100C 9-3100D 9-3700B 9-3100T
9-3146A 9-3146B 9-3746B 9-3646TX9/3 9-3146T 9-1146T
Cloyes For Big Block Chevy 9-3110A 9-3710 9-3610TX9 9-3610TX3 9-3110T 9-3510TX9 9-1110T 9-3647TX9 9-3147T 9-3547TX9 9-1147T
Big Block Chrysler 9-3125A 9-3625TX9/3 9-3525TX9

S.A. Gear For Small Block Chevy 78100T 78100T-9 78500T 78500T-9 78550T 78560T 78565T
S.A. Gear For Big Block Chevy 78110T 78510T 78537T
S.A. Gear For Big Block Dodge / Mopar 78525T-9