Comp Cams 08-1000 Hydraulic Roller Lifter Installation Kit 5.0L 305 350 OE Style

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COMP Cams has put together these time saving kits containing all of the necessary pieces to help you smoothly install oe-style hydraulic roller lifters/cam in your '87+ Chevy Small Block V8 originally equipped with hydraulic roller lifter/cam provisions. Each kit contains all required hardware and all components are new.

In 1987 GM equipped the Chevy Small Block V8 with roller lifters / provisions for roller lifters. Most '87+ cars came with roller lifters, but most trucks came with flat tappet cams in roller lifter style blocks. Some of the early year blocks do not have the lifter valley spider tray bolt holes tapped.

If unsure what year your block is, measure the cam retainer plate bolt pattern center-to-center distance. This kit is for 1987-1990 engines w/ bolt pattern center-to-center distance of 3.650". 

Kit for '87-'90 Engines Includes:

  • (3) #4605-B Camshaft Bolts 
  • (8) #8105-LG Lifter Guides 
  • (1) #8105-LR Lifter Retainer 
  • (1) #8105-CR Cam Retainer Plate ('87-'90 Blocks)
  • (2) #8105-B Cam Retainer Bolts

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